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About our company
Name: Hotelkomfort Kft.

Founded in: 1992. (as LP), from 2001.-as Ltd.

Main line of business: design and furnishing of hotel rooms and common premises, and offices as required.

We managed to set up a reliable circle of sub-contractors during the last years. We could reach this way a complete solution for our Clients, from the inner design to the final realization. We provide a full range of solutions from the wall-to-wall carpeting, furniture, luminous bodies to the fabrics, just everything. We make efforts to preserve our Partners from wrong decisions and of the financially negative impacts of such wrong decisions, due to our long experience in the hotel managing and running business. Beyond the esthetic aspects, we take into consideration as an important criteria the requirements of the everyday operating of the hotel.
Naturally we are ready to participate with pleasure as a sub-contractor in the performance of partly tasks. We are an official supplier of Danubius PLC, we are in relationship with the hotel chain Pannónia and with big companies of furniture production.

One can see from our List of references that we managed accessing onto the delicate Austrian and German markets with our products. The repeated orders show that we can satisfy the West-European expectations as well.

We hope, that our products and service will satisfy all needs of your hotel and guests.

László Dorozsmai & Jr. László Dorozsmai
acting managers
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